About The Brand

Meet the Face Behind the Brand

CEO Jenna Christine

SAINT CHRISTINE is owned and operated by Jenna Christine Shaffer of Memphis, TN since 2018.

SAINT CHRISTINE is a shop for contemporary women’s clothing that is inspired by my desire to make outfits rebellious and chic.

When I dress myself, I feel that is who you are, how you feel about yourself, and how you present yourself to the world.

Fashion is an extension of your identity.

SAINT CHRISTINE is a not only a representation of my identity in the fashion world, but a blessing. I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to share what I love in such a special way.

“SAINT CHRISTINE” is a tribute to a saint-like figure in my life, my mom, Andrea Christine. She is my Saint. My business is a tribute to her.

After taking this step, in my life I have realized the joy of fulfilling your dreams! I wish for everyone to begin their journey and Never Give Up!

I hope you enjoy and appreciate SAINT CHRISTINE as much as I do!